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School of Dance Arts offers ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern & creative movement.

SODA also has a dancer conditioning program to help our dancers strengthen their bodies and prevent injury. Additionally, SODA provides advanced students with an annual Intensive over the summer to further hone their skills.

We take the time to place each student personally, which is why registration cannot be done online. Call us so that we can discuss your student’s experience and arrange a trial class; we welcome the opportunity to help you personally! 804-559-6786


2018-19 Dance Schedule


 Learn more about each of the styles we offer below:



The disciplined dance art of ballet emphasizes proper alignment of the body, balance, strength, control, extension, and expression of movement! School of Dance Arts offers ballet beginning at age 5 in the Ballet/Tap classes.

Attire: Students in ballet classes should wear a black leotard, ballet pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Hair should be secured up off the neck and out of the face—a bun is preferred!




Pointe work is for the more advanced ballet dancer and all students wishing to dance on pointe must be assessed for proper body alignment, core strength, strength of ankles, turnout and releve as well as alignment of the feet before acquiring their pointe shoes. SODA Instructors personally assist each dancer at a fitting for their first pair of pointe shoes.


Atire: Black leotard, ballet pink tights, pink pointe shoes. Hair should be secured up off the neck and out of the face—a bun is preferred!


Jazz, Theatrical Jazz & Hip Hop


The American dance art of jazz works body alignment, strength and flexibility, especially stressing sharp qualities of movement and stylized performance. Hip-hop is one of the newest popular styles of jazz whuich emphasizes rhythm, quick footwork and plenty of attitude! Theatrical Jazz emphasizes classical jazz technique, and Broadway stylization.


Attire: Any color tights or tight-fitting jazz pants, leotard or tight-fitting shirt and black jazz shoes are required. Hair must be secured away from face.





A rhythmic dance art! Tap technique uses the feet as a percussive instrument. SODA dancers learn foundations of classic, show style tap as well as rhythm tap, the most contemporary of tap dance techniques.


Attire: Any color tights or jazz pants, tight-fitting top and black tap shoes are required. Hair must be secured away from the face.



Modern and Contemporary Dance





Modern and contemporary dance is an expressive form of movement.  The art of modern dance was developed in the early 20th century, but is influenced by the contemporary movement of the 21st century.  Since it's founding, modern dance has been redefined many times.


Attire:  Students should wear tight fitted dance clothing, bare feet, and hair must be secured away from the face.




Creative Movement


Creative Movement is an introduction of movement and expression for our youngest students! The goals of our program include:

  • Allowing each student to find and experience the joy of dance!
  • Teaching the beginnings of basic dance technique including alignment, centering, elongation, and strengthening of the torso
  • Developing basic movement skills and a movement vocabulary
  • Learing rhythms and experiencing musicality
  • Teaching appropriate stretching
  • Learning basic locomotor movements
  • Exploring direction, pattern, and movement shapes
  • Teaching creativity, analytical skills, and self-confidence through movement exercised
  • Allowing for free-dance time to explore movement individuality

Our Creative Movement Instructors are trained in early childhood development, and use an age specific curriculum to work with your young dancer!

Attire: Pink tights, leotard or dance dress, pink ballet shoes. Hair must be secured away from the face.

Dancer Conditioning
SODA is proud to include dancer conditioning classes in our student’s training. Focused on strengthening our students physically to support their progressions in technique, conditioning classes are centered in body techniques like pilates and yoga and often use equipment like foam rollers, weights and resistance bands. Students often see fewer injuries and a find a quicker connection to their alignment and muscularity as a result of their time in this class.  (This class is a requirement for all pre-pointe class levels and up)

SODA’s Dancer Conditioning classes were featured in Dance Studio Life Magazine!

Attire: tight fitting pants/shorts and top or leotard and tights and bare feet. Student’s hair must be secured away from the face.


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