"Student To Artist"


School of Dance Arts--in its 20th year as a locally-owned  Mechanicsville business--is UNEQUALED in personal attention and talented instruction. Through a progressive dance curriculum, we will take your child from student to artist in a fun, creative environment, designed to nurture their artistic development!


We Are Committed To You!

At School of Dance Arts, we are committed to quality dance instruction for children, teens, and adults. The benefits of a dance education include discipline, grace, control, and physical fitness. It has also been shown that participation in the arts can aid in scholastic endeavors and personal growth! For this reason, our well-trained and qualified instructors push students toward more than just technical success as they help each student find their own artistic voice.

Our three dance studios are equipped with floating wood floors. SODA parents and siblings can enjoy WiFi, well kept waiting areas, and an outdoor area at our facility while they wait.

Why choose School of Dance Arts...


Lots of Performance Opportunities

Performance Company  - For the more serious students we provide company opportunities for students to focus on their performance skills and to learn upper-level repertory choreography. SODA’s Perform Companies have danced at local festivals and community events as well as retirement communities. SODA provides special dance workshops and master classes for perform company members. Senior Perform has earned many first place awards at occasional competitions and showcase events too!


Our Talented Instructors

Our teachers are qualified specialists in their disciplines and have an inspirational love of their art!


Join Us!


"Student To Artist"

Superior Facilities – Our dance studio rooms are state-of-the-art with professional floating wood floors to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.

Friendly Customer Service – We give personalized attention to each student in order to place them at the appropriate level for progression in our program.

Limited Class Sizes – Personalized instruction means more progress for each student. Assistant teachers are provided in larger classes to provide attention to students when needed.

Exciting Year-end Recital – We produce a yearly recital for students to showcase their skills and experience the stage! Our recital is fully costumed and lit by professional theater technicians.

Our Class Schedule

dance schedule 19-20 (jpg)